Each Company, in order to be authorised to place the CE mark on its products, must be authorised by a Notified Organization, which at the time of evaluation is required to verify well-defined quality standards during all stages of the production process.
In the case of medical devices, this is even more necessary to ensure that the healthcare provider is professional, and that patients are safe.

 As a guarantee of the high quality standard offered, Dentalica is regularly certified CE, and since 1999 it is also an ISO certified Company.

 These certifications are a constant commitment to Dentalica, aimed at the continuous improvement and development of all major business processes, ensuring for all distributed products their absolute traceability, timely interventions in cases of suspected or well-known non-compliance and the necessary compliance documentation.

Quality Policy

For 20 years, Dentalica has been subjected to extensive inspections every year: it is proof of quality not only of individual Dentalica brand products, but also of the internal quality management system, designed to ensure the safety of dentists and patients.
If you want to know more, please check out our Quality Policy (IT), with the aim of offering you a safe and quality service every day